Prep for sale. Sell for more.

A Project Manager ... is money in the bank.

A Project Manager can manage the task of preparing your home for sale when it is not an option to do it yourself. The greater the task, the more you may benefit from help cleaning, sorting, clearing, repairing and staging your property for sale. Together, we’ll draft a detailed action plan for your property, including tasklist and budget.



In partnership with you and your agent,  I will create an action plan to maximize your resale value. This plan will include specific tasks to be completed within an agreed upon timeframe, and may include any combination of the following: 


Sorting items to "keep',  'sell' or 'donate' is the BIG first step to getting a home ready for transition and transformation. A trusted professional can curate  and distribute the contents with your goals in mind.


A life well lived often means an accumulation of – let's affectionately call it – stuff. By removing junk you eliminate buying barriers that could mean a huge hit to perceived value.

Minor repairs  are HUGE in helping a home to show better... and pass inspection as well. Bonus! Completing my signature list of light repairs is how I help a seller remove purchase pain-points to increase value.


Create a clean visual slate for potential buyers with an eye-pleasing neutral paint colour that feels fresh and inviting.


A focus on editing for visibility can vastly improve curb appeal, and ensure potential buyers see your property in the best light.


Often staging is as simple as emptied, sparkling clean rooms, but even clever arrangement of sparse furniture can facilitate a faster sale.

Additional arrangements can be made for delivering furniture to family members or to storage, organizing a garage sale, grass/yard maintenance, regular check-ins for insurance purposes.


When drafting our action plan, we will also agree on an estimated budget for the project.

Budget should be minimal as renovations are not the focus. Costs will primarily include garbage disposal, moving supplies, painting and small repairs. Receipts to be provided for all expenses.



My goal is to showcase your home in it’s best light, as close as possible to it’s current condition.


Many Real Estate Agents will tell you extensive renovations are not required. Rather, a thoroughly clean, empty house with a fresh coat of paint in the living room will make a huge difference to your listing price. Take it a logical step further with some basic landscape ‘editing’ and making any obvious repairs, such as rehanging the closet door, changing the washer in the kitchen faucet or repairing drywall.


Targeting obvious barriers to a quick sale can widen your curb appeal for a variety of potential buyers and increase your confidence the listing price. 

Project Managers are the most creative pros in the world. We have to figure out everything that could go wrong before it does.

Why hire a Project Manager?

Frequently asked questions

How do you increase the value of my Property?

A Project Manager pays for itself! In the simplest of terms, an empty, clean/refreshed house will invariably lead to an increase in property value. Plus, what value do you place on your own time?

How do you make it easier for me?

Preparing the family home for sale can be challenging for even the most cooperative of families. A Project Manager can provide some meaningful separation. This especially refers to sorting contents of the house and identifying items to be set aside or put into storage.

Will I have to be onsite?

There still may be a requirement for Service Professionals/Contractors to be onsite. Having someone onsite to meet, monitor and confirm the work has been completed can eliminate unnecessary visits to the property during work hours.

What are the benefits of you being onsite?

Tell your insurance company that someone is onsite regularly and documenting their visit while on property. Depending on your policy, insurance may not cover water damage if your house was unoccupied for as little as 3 days.

Will you keep me in the loop?

We will form an action plan together, and then continue our dialogue throughout the project to ensure you are well informed on our progress and feel part of the process.



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